Starting up and running a business

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Marcus Hill,Gerard Hall

For research students and research staff with a possible business idea
who would like to learn more about the decisions involved in setting up
and running a new business. Academic staff who may become involved in
spin-out company may also want to attend.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012, 09:00 to 12:30

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The course will help participants to understand the range of decisions
they will need to consider in starting and running a
business and will help them to decide if this is an route they would
like to take.

This course uses the award winning business simulation package,
SimVenture, to give you the opportunity to test your skills in running
a business start-up. You will have the chance to look at issues such
as market research and strategy, approaches to marketing (getting the
‘mix’ right) and selling your idea, differences between costing and
pricing and business owner capabilities and need for ongoing
professional development amongst others.

This is an interactive workshop which will give participants access to
the business simulation software and use both guided activities and
free exploration of the package to run a virtual enterprise. It is
expected that participants identify a possible ‘business idea’ in
advance of the event, and decisions made during the simulation will be
used to consider what this means in relation to their real business
idea. Your business idea could be related to your current research or
completely unrelated.
At the end of the workshop you will get the chance to reflect on the
decisions you have made in the simulation and to inform the
development of an action plan for your own idea.

Dr Ged Hall works with researchers from a range of disciplines to help
them to develop the skills they need to produce and implement action
plans that will deliver impact from their research. He has worked in
academic and industrial research in a range of roles and industry
Marcus Hill is a Senior Staff Development Adviser in SDDU. He has
previously held a number of senior training and development roles
within industry. He has also led a team at a College of FE and
designing and delivering organisational development projects as well
as personal and professional development workshops. He has also
completed a post graduate diploma in Training Management and is an
authorised facilitator of the Margerison-McCann Team Management
Profile and Quintax Personality Profile.

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