The Role of the Internal Examiner

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This course is for staff new to the role of the internal examiner of
research degrees at Leeds. The course must be completed by an individual
before their appointment as an internal examiner can be confirmed.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2021, 14:00 to 16:00

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Aim of Training:
As part of the University’s quality assurance processes, Graduate Board
requires all internal examiners of research degrees at Leeds to
participate in training in order to ensure internal examiners are
prepared for and are confident in the role.

This includes making sure that:
• the internal examiner is clear about their equality with the external
• the viva process is fair for all students, is consistent across the
university, and challenging.

Session outcomes:
By the end of this course participants should be:
• aware of the responsibilities of an internal examiner of a research
degree at Leeds;
• aware of the requirements for reporting the outcome of a research
• able to implement University policies and procedures relating to the
examination of research degrees.

Session content:
The course considers the role of the internal examiner in relation to
the following stages:
• examination entry, including the appointment of examiners;
• arranging the viva;
• considering the thesis before the viva, including the completion of
preliminary reports;
• planning the questioning in the viva;
• the viva itself;
• selecting an appropriate outcome;
• completing the examiners’ report.

The course also considers issues that may be faced by an internal

Learning Method:
The course is delivered through tutor presentation as preparatory work
and an online discussion session around a set of case studies covering
the different phases of research degree examination.

The course is delivered by members of Graduate Board’s Examinations
Group. This group is responsible for policy and procedures and
appointing examiners.

Related Courses:
For experienced internal examiners there is an online course which aims
to familiarise participants with current policies and procedures at
Leeds for research degree examination.