Workshop D3: Applying for Senior Fellowship of the HEA

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Rebecca O'Loughlin

PRiSE workshops will be delivered online via Minerva until further

This workshop is primarily intended for staff who would like to apply
for professional recognition of their teaching and / or support for
learning as a Senior Fellow (Descriptor 3, or D3) of the Higher
Education Academy (HEA) through the University of Leeds Professional
Recognition in Student Education (PRiSE) scheme.

If the workshop is full and you would like to join the waiting list,
please email your details to

Friday, November 06, 2020, 09:30 to 12:30

Max Places:

You should attend a ‘Briefing – Professional Recognition in Student
Education: Obtaining Fellowship of the HEA’ session prior to this

You should have a minimum of three years’ experience of teaching and /
or supporting learning in Higher Education (HE) and be able to
demonstrate achievement against all Areas of Activity, as well all
aspects of Core Knowledge and Professional Values, of the UK
Professional Standards Framework for Teaching and Supporting Learning in
HE (UKPSF). You must be able to demonstrate successful co-ordination,
support, supervision, management and / or mentoring of others (whether
individuals and / or teams) in the development of student education. It
is unlikely that those who are new to leadership or have limited
experience of mentoring others will have sufficient evidence to meet the
criterion of D3.

You should be employed by the University of Leeds at the time of the
submission and review of their application. They should have sufficient
experience of teaching and / or supporting learning at the University of
Leeds to be able to appoint as one of their two referees an employee at
Leeds who can validate their practice at the University in an informed
way. They should be able to draw on evidence of their HE practice from
the last 5-6 years to make a successful application; evidence which is
more historic cannot constitute a substantial part of an application
and, where cited, must always be related and applied to current

Between attending the session ‘Briefing – Professional Recognition in
Student Education: Obtaining Fellowship of the HEA’ and attending this
workshop, you should choose the category of Fellowship you wish to apply
for. You should also read the handbook and application form for the
category of Fellowship which is appropriate to you. These resources will
be attached to the Outlook confirmation you will be sent in advance of
this workshop.

This workshop aims to enable participants to collate and present
evidence to make an application for Senior Fellowship of the HEA and to
access support for their application from within the University.

This workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to:
• reflect on and discuss how their student education practice maps to D3
of the UKPSF,
• begin to collate and present evidence for their application for Senior
Fellowship of the HEA,
• plan how to demonstrate the reflective and scholarly nature of their
practice in their application,
• identify development needs and strategies for addressing them,
• consider appropriate referees for their application.

Content and format
This workshop constitutes three hours of training. It is run as an
interactive session which allows participants the time and assistance to
begin to develop their written applications. It will cover the following
broad topics:
• D3: application requirements
• Collating evidence
• Reflective writing
• The scholarly nature of the process
• Case studies
• References
• Mentoring support
• Application support