Personal Resilience for Professional Competence: Online: Mindfulness and attention skills to steady and focus your mind

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Sally Rose

All staff.

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Thursday, November 12, 2020, 14:00 to 15:45

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Overall aim of course
This online adapted workshop aims to introduce mindfulness. What it is,
why we need it and how to practice it. This is offered as a part of
Personal Resilience for Professional Competence programme of workshops.

Intended outcomes and benefits from attending:

By the end of this workshop, participants will:

1. Have understood the difference between being on auto-pilot and being
mindfully present especially in this current working climate.

2. Have sampled a number of mindfulness meditation practices

3. Understand how mindfulness can help to break automatic reactions and
enable us choose our responses.

4. Have some ideas of ways of including mindfulness in everyday working

what the session will cover:

Our minds have many new concerns and challenges these days. You may get
distracted more easily and find it hard to settle and focus on what you
need to. This workshop will provide an introduction to a range of
attention techniques, skills and attitudes to help take an active and
compassionate role in managing stress; and experiencing life more
directly rather than through the commentary of thinking. These
techniques can help us to be less distracted, step back from stressors
and to look after ourselves during these most difficult of times.

Learning and teaching methods: An interactive online workshop.

Tutor: Sally Rose; University of Leeds Staff Counselling service –
Service Manager and Staff Counsellor – Sally is a Registered
Psychotherapist, a member of the UK Council for Psychotherapy, she is a
Level 3 Mindfulness teacher training with the Centre for Mindfulness
Research and Practice, Bangor University and a published expert
practitioner expert in field of Mindfulness at Work.

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Adapted Programme for 2020 -2021

We have selected six workshops from our previous programme that are
particularly relevant to the stresses, strains and uncertainty in our
personal and professional lives associated with the coronavirus
pandemic. We have identified that one of the consequences of increased
working from home has been to impact colleagues work-life balance. This
impact may continue as work patterns involving a combination of working
from home and on campus evolve; and as we learn to manage periodic and
localised lock downs. You can obtain more information and sign up to
attend these online workshops by e-mailing To get
the most out of your workshop please try to allocate a quiet private
space for yourself to participate and try to avoid booking anything
directly for at least 20 minutes before or after the workshop. These
selected workshops have been adapted to be offered online via MS TEAMS.
For anyone new to MS TEAMS there will be an opportunity to learn how to
navigate around the application. Further University guidance on using MS
Teams can be found here:

The workshops dovetail together and can be done in any order. They can
also be taken individually by participants who may have identified
specific areas where they would benefit from some guidance.

· Active approaches to worry, meeting things head on

· Working with change and uncertainty

· Understanding and managing anxiety and panic

· Working with Stress and Emotion

· Switching Off– Relaxation and Sleep

Attendance at other workshops in the series may be beneficial.