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Emma Spary

This workshop is suitable for staff and researchers (except PHD

If there are no places available on the course. Pleasee book yourself on
the Expression of Interest course.You will then be informed when dates
become available to book. If you require any further information,
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Further Information

Max Places:

StrengthsFinder is suitable for all staff. Please book onto this event
to express your interest in future dates. You will then be informed when
dates become available to book. If you require any further information,
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Pre-requities: None

Pre-work requirements: There is an online assessment which must be
completed 5 days before the workshop. This requires you to register on
the Gallup StrengthsFinder website using a unique code that will be sent
out to you in advance.

Overall aim of course
Everyone has a unique combination of skills, talents, and knowledge --
also known as strengths. This workshop helps you identify your
individual strengths using the popular Gallup StrengthsFinder
assessment. We look at your strengths report, what these strengths mean
and how they can help you become more effective, productive and engaged.

Intended outcomes and benefits from attending:
By the end of this workshop participants will have:
1. Reviewed their individual strengths report
2. Understanding of the strengths
3. Explored how they use these strengths in response to problems,
tasks and decision making
4. Had the opportunity to ask any questions they have about
strengths and how they can be utilised

Indicative content:
* Introduction to StrengthsFinder – a brief overview of the assessment.
* Getting to know your Top 5 – understanding each of your strengths will
help you to identify when they are working for and against you.
* Barrier labels associated with strengths, this is how other people
often see them.
* How your strengths work together – you are constantly using your
strengths, some situations will use all of them whilst others may only
use 2 or 3.
* Strengths in action – different situations require different
* Your strengths in a team.
* Learning and teaching methods: An interactive workshop

Tutor: Dr Emma Spary, University of Leeds, Senior Research Training and
Development Officer (Research Staff)