Introduction to the Technology in the Redesigned Lecture Theatres - Roger Stevens LT 08 - Drop-in session

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Beth Snowden

All staff interested in use of the new Lecture Theatres - Dentistry,
Mech Eng B, Roger Stevens 8 (Please note this particular session is in
Roger Stevens LT8)

theatre- redesign-project/) (Dentistry, Mech Eng B, Roger Stevens 8).

Thursday, November 03, 2016, 13:00 to 16:30

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Colleagues from SDDU and the Facilities Support Service (FSS) team are
jointly hosting "drop-in" events in the three redesigned lecture

Get your hands on the student ThinkPad devices, write on the NEC
MultiSync Display and get to grips with the Control Panel at the lectern
to project the digital content on both screens behind you. Learn how to
project student content side by side, dim the lights and use the
microphones. Try out the Visualiser with the enhanced lecture capture
recording system or bring along your own device to connect via HDMI. Ask
other colleagues to come along to share ideas and discuss strategies on
how to use these redesigned spaces to enhance teaching and learning.

Please note these drop-in sessions are informal so you do not need to
book online.

Come along for 10 minutes or 2 hours but please bear in mind that during
busy times you may need to be patient to ensure that all visitors have
equal opportunities to use the equipment and ask any technical