Introduction to the role and responsibilities of a Postgraduate Research Tutor

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New Postgraduate Research Student Tutors. A separate course is available
for staff new to research student supervision.

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Aim of Training:

The aim of the course is to introduce new postgraduate research tutors
to the responsibilities of their new position within the School for co-
ordinating admission, pastoral care, recording and monitoring of
progress and attendance of research students and for liaison with
Postgraduate Research and Operations as defined in the University Code
of Practice for Research Degree Candidatures. (A separate course on
Supervising Postgraduate Researchers covers the responsibilities of

Session outcomes:

As a result of attending the course participants will be better able to
describe their role in implementing University policies and procedures
relating to research students. Participants will also have the
opportunity to meet other new postgraduate research tutors.

Session content:

The course will cover: the University’s administrative structure for
research degrees and the specific responsibilities of the postgraduate
research tutor within this. The course will consider the
responsibilities within the context of research student admission,
monitoring, transfer and examination.

Learning Method:

The introduction consists of presentations and opportunity for
discussion of the material covered.

Related Courses:

Postgraduate research tutors should also attend the Doctoral College
Forum which provides an annual update on developments in
University policies and procedures relating to research students.


Dean for Postgraduate Research Studies and the chair of the Graduate
Board’s Programmes of Study and Audit Group